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Is this a book or Autocad Plans

No this is not a book or blueprints or plans drawn in Autocad.

It is a printable resizable template that can printed out on any printer and placed on top of your material to show where to drill holes. torch and stylus locations.
You drill holes where shown. and  assemble per illustration.

When printed at 100% it will give you the same size cutter as the one shown.
Print it whatever size you want, to make your cutter.

There are 2 different templates. One for a standard home printer, and one you can take to kinko s and have printed on a large format printer for a huge plasma cutter duplicator.

You can make your cutter duplicator out of whatever material you want. 1/4 tubing, 3/4 tubing 1 inch tubing, aluminum, steel. you can even use round pipe.