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What do you get

3 PDF Files

These are NOT BLUE PRINTS. No Measuring Required. This is a resizeable template, that you print, and cut out with scissors and lay on top of your tubing, pipe, or whatever material you make your cutter out of. It will show you exactly where to drill the holes for the bolts, stylus and plasma cutter tip.

Duplicator 8x11 PDF

8x11 plans can be printed out on any printer, but there will be a number of sheets to tape together. Print at 100% to make your cutter out of 1/4x1/4 square tubing and have a cutting area of roughly 8 inches by 24 inches

Duplicator 18x24 PDF

18x24 plan is to be printed on large format printer or plotter. You can take the file to kinkos or ups store and they will print out on a ARCH C paper which is 18x22. Print at 100% for 1/4 square tubing. If you make a larger duplicator out of larger steel, print at larger percentage. You will need to add more rollers and play with the roller locations.  

Roller Location for 1/4x1/4 Only PDF

This will give you the roller locations only if you make your duplicator out of 1/4 square tubing printed at 100%. It is a guide if you enlarge or make your duplicator smaller. For smaller or larger duplicator you will need to determine the best locations to put rollers.

Photos and Instructions

The plans are pretty much straight forward and photos show everything you should need to build. Contact us with questions.